J's Dairy Inn
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We offer cooked to order food and fountain specialties prepared with care - not fast food.
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Sunday - Thursday
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Friday and Saturday
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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 (765) 458-5812

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Bulk Chicken
50 - 99 pieces of chicken
100+ pieces of chicken
All White Chicken Strips
Jo Jo Potatoes
Dinner Rolls

Our Own Cole Slaw by the Gallon
Our Own Potato Salad by the Gallon
Mixed Baked Beans by the Gallon
1.70 each piece
1.59each piece
1.69 each
.18 each
.40 each
Wings - Hot or BBQ
25 Piece - Currently unavailable0
50 Piece0
100 Piece0

J's will deliver, serve, clean up & remove all trash:
One Server   $15 per hour
Two Servers  $25 per hour
Table Service Set-up  .75 per person
Includes plate, utensils, salt, napkins, wet nap, and condiments

Tips from Brian
When figuring the amount of chicken needed, I usually figure about two and a half pieces per person and 5 to 7 Jo Jo's per person.  This means that if you are planning on 100 people, you will need around 250 pieces of chicken.  More or less depending on the group of people.  A gallon of Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, or Baked Beans will serve approximately 35 people.  A typical catered meal with Chicken, Jo Jo's, Cole Slaw and a Roll is around $7.00 per person.  A little more with a third side item.
If you are providing the Chicken Only for a chip in meal, you will typically need around 1.75 to 2 pieces per person.  This is because there are so many other side items to choose from you will need less chicken.
We serve our chicken in insulated containers, our sides in serving dishes and provide you with serving utensils to use for free if requested.  If you are looking for a catered meal for as cheap as possible, we are not for you.  If you want to serve a Delicious Pressure Cooked Chicken meal with fresh Home Made sides, we have been doing this for nearly 50 years and Chicken is our Specialty.  If you need any help deciding how much or what to serve please give me a call, I am happy to help.  Thank you for considering us, Brian.


We provide insulated containers and serving utensils with a modest deposit and the promise of their return.

Bulk Chicken prices assume an equal amount of each piece.

We use an 8-way cut:
2 legs, 2 breasts, 2 wings, and 2 thighs.

For more information and ordering, please call or email Brian

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The original J's Dairy Inn in Liberty was opened in a tiny new concrete block building on a small lot bordering Railroad Street, which was formerly a Mobil Service Station . It was placed near the sidewalk in a typical "Dairy Queen" style with service through two front windows. Opened by Paul and Doris Bias and son "J" in July of 1957 with one used Soft Serve machine and soft drinks poured from a bottle.  Despite the conventional wisdom and dire predictions of Paul's banker, it was an immediate success.  With the added success of the home-made Beef Bar-B-Q sandwich and a few other food items, the store was enlarged twice in succeeding years with the purchase of adjoining properties for parking and building additions for food preparation and inside seating.

In 1981 a devastating fire began with an electrical short in the chicken cooking area and traveled throughout the store causing a total loss. Having bought the business from Paul and Doris, Carol and Wendell began rebuilding as quickly as possible in a different location on the same lot, and reopened in 1982 with more emphasis on inside service and started remaining open year-round. Even with recent renovations, the "rustic" look has continued to attract locals and visitors alike with the grandchildren of former employees now on the payroll.

Through the years, many local teenagers earned their first paycheck at J's, from the day of the girls crisp "candy striper" dress uniforms of the 60's to the fashionable untucked shirt "grunge look" and summer shorts of today. Learning to make change and add up an order has also given way to credit cards and pushing buttons and being told by a machine how much change to give back. For better or worse, the times have changed, but J's remains a continuing community presence with over 60 years of good service and fine food at fair prices.

Our Story

During the original construction in 1957, Paul was approached by the later Famous Col. Sanders, who was on the road selling franchises for his chicken recipe.  Paul was also approached by the Burger Chef Franchise, but now as then, J's has remained local and made changes without having to get corporate permission. 

After testing and tasting dozens of sandwich combinations, Paul reinvented the Double Deck Hamburger.  Even before bakeries supplied the two level bun.  Our perfect signature sandwich, the J-Boy, was born in the early 60's.

Where do "Chuck" Fries get their name?  This spicy mixture added at your request to J's sandwiches, Jo Jo's or Fries, was first used on the Pork Burger as perfected by the late Charles Murray to use on sandwiches sold locally and in Oxford Ohio.

If you have any J's connected vintage pictures you would allow us to display, please e-mail them to us.

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Join the Team!

We are looking for individuals who desire a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

We offer flexible scheduling, opportunity for advancement, and an enjoyable work atmosphere.

If you are interested in working for J's Dairy Inn,
please fill out an application.

Bring your printed application to J's and ask to speak with the manager on duty.

J's Dairy Inn is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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J's Dairy Inn Liberty

J's Dairy Inn
207 W Union St
Liberty, IN 47353
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J's Liberty

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One Block West of Traffic Signal on Highway 44, West

Located two miles from
Whitewater State Park

Union County Chamber of Commerce and Development Corp www.ucdc.us 

General information plus youtube video of Liberty area www.ucdc.us 

Less than 10 miles from Brookville Lake

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J's Dairy Inn
207 W Union Street
Liberty, IN 47353
(765) 458-5812


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