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Tips from Brian
When figuring the amount of chicken needed, I usually figure about two and a half pieces per person and 5 to 7 Jo Jo's per person.  This means that if you are planning on 100 people, you will need around 250 pieces of chicken.  More or less depending on the group of people.  A gallon of Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, or Baked Beans will serve approximatley 35 people.  A typical catered meal with Chicken, Jo Jo's, Cole Slaw and a Roll is around $6.50 per person.  A little more with a third side item.
If you are providing the Chicken Only for a chip in meal, you will typically need around 1.75 to 2 pieces per person.  This is because there are so many other side items to choose from you will need less chicken.
We serve our chicken in insulated containers, our sides in serving dishes and provide you with serving utensils to use for free if requested.  If you are looking for a catered meal for as cheap as possible, we are not for you.  If you want to serve a Delicious Pressure Cooked Chicken meal with fresh Home Made sides, we have been doing this for nearly 40 years and Chicken is our Specialty.  If you need any help deciding how much or what to serve please give me a call, I am happy to help.  Thank you for considering us, Brian.

J's Dairy Inn, Liberty             765.458.5812

Bulk Chicken
50 - 99 pieces of chicken
100+ pieces of chicken
All White Chicken Strips
Jo Jo Potatoes
Dinner Rolls

Wings - Hot or BBQ by the bucket
25 Piece - Currently unavailable
50 Piece
100 Piece

Our Own Cole Slaw by the Gallon
Our Own Potato Salad by the Gallon
Mixed Baked Beans by the Gallon

J's will deliver, serve, clean up & remove all trash:
One Server   $15 per hour
Two Servers  $25 per hour
Table Service Set-up  .60 per person
Includes plate, utensils, salt, napkins, wet nap, and condiments

1.50 each piece
1.39each piece
1.39 each
.16 each
.35 each
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